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Cookies Policy

Cookie Policy

We use Cookies for you to benefit from our website in the most efficient way and improve your user experience. If you do not prefer the use of cookie you can always delete cookies from your web browser settings or block them. However, we would like to remind you, this can affect your use of our website. We will assume that you accept the cookie use on this website unless you change your browser’s cookie settings. You can reach the regulations regarding the processed personal data via the Privacy Policy on our website.


The Cookies are little text files stored on your device or on the network server you visit via the browsers by the websites. The purposes for using Cookies on our Web Site are outlined below:

  • To enhance the services provided for you by increasing the website’s functionality and performance, 
  • Enhancing the website while providing new services on it and personalizing the provided features according to your preferences;
  • Attaining website’s, yours and our Company’s commercial and legal security.

What types of Cookies we use? 

Session Cookies

These temporary Session Cookies are used trough out our visitor’s usage of the Web Site, and deleted after they close the browser.

The main purpose of using these cookies are to provide the Web Site to work properly during your visit.

For example; it provides for you to fill out the online forms appearing on more than one page.

Persistent Cookies

The purpose of Persistent Cookies is to increase the functionality of the Web Site, provide a faster and better service to our visitors. These Cookies are being used to remind you your preferences and they are stored via the browsers.

Some types of Persistent Cookies; can be used with the purpose of providing you special offers by considering the issues like your purpose when you are using the Web Site.

When you re-visit our Web Site on the same device, our Web Site evaluates whether if there is an already existing Cookie created by our Web Site on your device, and if found any, it is concluded that you have visited the Web Site before and the material of content to be presented to you is determined accordingly with this, and by this way a better service is provided for you.

The Cookies Used on our Web Site 

Technical Cookies

With the help of the Technical Cookies the proper working of the Web Site is maintained, and the Web Site’s malfunctioning pages and areas are detected.

Authentication Cookies 

When the visitors log into the website with their passwords, these Cookies define the visitor as the Web Site user for all of visited the pages, this way, the user does not have to re-enter his/her password for every single time opening a new page.

Flash Cookies

It is a Cookie type used for enabling the visual or auditory contents on the website.

Customization Cookies

These Cookies are used for reminding the users of their preferences when they visit different pages on different sites. Remembering your language preference is an example to this.

Analytical Cookies

These are the Cookies providing analytical conclusions like the numbers of visitors, the detection of the Web Site’s viewed pages, the hours of visit, sliding motions carried on the web pages.


How can I control or delete the Cookies?

Many web browsers are set to automatically accept the cookies as default. You can change these settings in a way to block the Cookies or show alerts when Cookies are sent to your device. There exist several ways to control the Cookies. Please apply to your browsers’ instruction or help screen to gain detailed information on how to arrange your browser settings. 

If you disable the Cookies we use, this act can affect your user experience on our Web Site; likewise, you may not be able to view some parts of our Web Site or when you re-visit  the site you may not be able to access the specially created information for your user experience.

Can Data Subjects Block the Cookie Use?

You can personalize your preferences regarding the Cookies by changing your browser’s settings.

Limiting 3rdParty Cookies?

a. If you only want to limit third party advertising cookies, you can turn such cookies off by visiting the following links (please bear in mind that there are many more companies listed on these sites than those that drop cookies via our website):
    I.   Your Online Choices ( ) 
    II.  Network Advertising Initiative (
    III. Digital Advertising Alliance (
      b. If you would like to find out more about cookies and other similar technologies, please visit or the Network Advertising Initiative's online sources at 
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